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Pajama Mama Tutu Tuesday (and for jammie daddies and other pj pals, too!), written and illustrated by Erin E. Carter and published by Eifrig Publishing (, is a book for all ages supporting gender equality and teaches children they can dream to be anything they want when they grow up, regardless of workforce stereotypes.

The Pajama Mama series idea came to Erin after she wrote Pajama Mama Monday (first book in series), and she realized there were plenty of important lessons to teach kids from a young age in addition to the importance of learning through play which she writes about in her first book.  The Pajama Mama series will have additional days of the week to follow the first two!

Spend time with your family on a Tuesday to foster learning through creativity and play, all day.  Let the kids dress-up, imagine and dream to be what they choose, despite traditional gender roles.  Have to work on Tuesday or cannot play all day? That is okay! You can celebrate any day of the week or even part of one day (really, it’s true!). Use #pajamamamatututuesday or #pajamamamamonday to share on social media how you celebrate play and explore this website for more about the Pajama Mama series, and more ideas of ways to join in on the fun!