Berries Galore!

I know, I know.  I’ve been writing a lot about berries.  But you guys, there’s so many berries in our lives right now.  Berries galore!  I love summer.  We went blueberry picking again this past weekend.  There are so many wild blueberries at the trail we have been going to and they are so very delicious!  My little “Sal” loves it so much.

We’ve already made blueberry pancakes and the other night we had another special blueberry treat!  We heated up blueberries and some peaches from the tree in our yard and put a some vanilla ice cream on top – yuuuummm!


Do you all have any blueberry recipes you love?  Would love to hear them here!

Little brother love

Over the past few months the toddler grasped the difference between big and little.  I somehow missed it and my husband pointed out to me that he understood.

When his brother was first born he did not understand it and therefore the difference between little brother and big brother was a bit abstract.  The other night while reading to both boys, he told us “little brother” and it was so sweet.

hands big and small.png

This little picture is when the toddler first held his little brother’s hand in the NICU (he was only 4lbs) and their hands now.

The toddler took his little brother, who is now half his size, by the hand and asked to hold him and he did so with almost no help (while sitting) and gave me a loving hug, passed the baby back to me with some assistance, and then held his arms to his heart, the way we taught him to sign “I love you”. Sure, I know, they won’t always be this sweet to each other but for now I cannot help but be so thankful and in love with these moments. My Mama heart was overflowing.


What are your favorite books that highlight sibling love?  A cute one that we have is Little Critter’s (from my husband’s and my childhood) Just Me and My Little Brother.

Do you all have any super sweet sibling stories?  I’d love to hear them here!




Pajama Mama’s partner

I write a lot about my kids and playing but I’m going to pause for a few sentences and shift gears.  All this play and fun wouldn’t be possible without my partner.  The other morning, I woke up to a happy coo.  I looked over and saw my sweet baby putting his head up to say good morning.  My husband was nowhere to be found.  I smiled as I watched my son smile and laid there for a moment.  As I went to get up, I realized a mug of coffee was on my night stand.  It was warm and perfect.  I sat up in bed and sipped, all the while so thankful.  Then I realized the time.  He let me sleep in for the second day in a row!

With baby in arms, I happily shuffled to the kitchen to find him and my other son.  On a mission to thank him and remind him he doesn’t have to spoil me so much (did I mention he makes and brings me coffee almost every morning?), I was quickly distracted.

When I walked towards the kitchen I could hear the laughter.  I peaked in and saw such a beautiful moment.  My husband was making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to pack in his lunch for work and my toddler was helping spread the peanut butter (only licking a little along the way!).  When the sandwich was complete, my husband offered for the toddler to have a bite.  Excited, he nodded yes and took a big bite for his little mouth.  Though I wanted to take a picture of this sweet moment, my phone was no where near by and so I simply made mental note, again, of how thankful I am for my partner in this parenting journey.  Finally able to finish the mission I was set on, I thanked my husband for my coffee and letting me snooze.  After that, he took a picture of the sandwich missing one little bite and sent it to me.  Boy, do I love him.