Strasburg Rail Road Giveaway

It’s Friday and I have something for YOU!

If you’ve been following me for at least a few weeks, then you know I posted about a train play sneak peak not too long ago!  Guess what?  The full story is here!  And what’s better?  I have two FREE tickets to give to a lucky winner!

My mom (Gram to kids) gave our toddler the sweetest gift for his second birthday this past March – a little toy train with a note that said we’d take a family train ride in the summer.  We had been once before we had kids to Strasburg Rail Road with some friends and their kids and decided it was a great place to go back to, so we packed up the toddler, the baby, us and my mom and off we went for a day of fun.

Our toddler LOVED it.  It was really fun for all.  I wanted to write all about it and share it with you but before I did that, I thought it would be way more fun to read if you could have the chance to go there….so, I called up the rail road and got a direct number to their business line where I was able to reach someone in charge of marketing and get two tickets for free to share with one lucky winner.  Yes, that’s right – there’s nothing in it for me.  I simply wanted to share our amazing experience.

First we went on a 45 minute ride through the countryside – gorgeous for the adults and so much fun for the kiddos!  The conductor had great narrative over the loud speaker, a photographer offered to take our photo, and dressed up like decades ago when the railroad ran on coal (it actually still does for this experience) was a person selling an old (newly printed) newspaper!  My son spent the ride looking out the window, excited by all we passed and the ride itself, making “chugga-chugga, choo-choo” sounds all the while.

The adults enjoyed watching him and the delight he found in it as well as the beautiful countryside and ride experience.  After the ride was over we went to the gift shop where my son picked a couple (pretty reasonably priced) toy trains to bring home.  We had packed a lunch and found a nice, shady table outside the shop to enjoy it.  They also have a cafe on site.

Did I mention we had to drive 2.5 hours to get there?  Well, it was worth it.

Want to win two tickets to see for yourself?  Please comment on this Facebook post between now and August 31, 2017 at 11:59pm Eastern to win! It’s really that easy – no sign ups, no sharing, just any comment on the linked post.

Wait, you don’t live in Pennsylvania or near enough to the rail road to make a trip? Please share with your friends who do or enter to win for them.  These would make an excellent gift and I should know, that’s how we ended up there!



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