Kite sale: so good, had to share!

I’ve never shared a sale here before but I found such a good deal that I thought it might be worth sharing! All summer we’ve watched others fly kites high at various parks we’ve played at and my toddler is most definitely interested…so today I finally bought one. It has great reviews, most think it’s easy for kids to fly and handle and is almost 60% right now so I only spent $10! Be on the look out next week for pictures 🎏  Click on above image to see sale!
The kite is also currently part of an amazon prime day sale so if you buy 2 other things that qualify (see details in link), you can get an additional 10% off with the code listed next to sale (I did not do this but thought it was worth sharing in case you’re already planning on shopping for other items)!
Ah, how I love summer!! ☀️💨

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