Sweet baby feet

Little toes and big smiles makes for a great playtime ūüĎ£

This afternoon there was a lot to do. ¬†I had an author event yesterday and needed to organize things post-event. ¬†I needed to sit down a pay a couple bills. ¬†Dishes sat dirty in the kitchen from lunch. ¬†Laundry made it to the washer but not much further. ¬†There was clean laundry from earlier in the week sitting at the foot of my bed. ¬†But the baby woke up from a short nap and seemed to just want his Mama. ¬†He nursed for awhile, taking many breaks to squeal and smile. ¬†When he was finally finished, I place him on my belly, knowing he won’t fit in that exact spot much longer, his back up against my thighs with my knees bent to make a little seat for him. ¬†And he just smiled at me. ¬†We sat like this, smiling at each other, for awhile. ¬†I sang to him and tickled his little feet up to his nose and he smiled, squealed and giggled with delight. ¬†Suddenly my to-do list which I was certain was huge got much smaller. ¬†I sat in this moment, content. ¬†So content that I watched this sweet child and wondered how I got so lucky. ¬†Lucky doesn’t even begin to start to explain how I feel about this little boy. ¬†So in love, we laughed and played. ¬†I’m so thankful I was able to put aside everything I thought I had to do in order to spend this sweet playtime with my son.

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