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Pajama Mama Making Memories Blog is an extension of the Pajama Mama “teachable values” children’s book series by Erin E. Carter.

Pajama Mama Play Days is not currently seeking guest writers.

You may still inquire though we may not be able to respond.  Please send your submission email with subject guest post (please allow up to 2 weeks to hear back from us with an acceptance) and follow these guidelines:

  1. If you’re an established writer, author, or blogger please submit your website.  If you’re new to the writing world, please also include a note about why you think your work should be featured.
  2. Write a guest post 200-400 words in length that focuses on the following:A little story about a special moment in your life (super fun if it involves having fun or playing) – read on for details if you’re interested!Do you have a moment in your life where it feels like time stopped and you were so focused on the present?  Do you have a moment where you watched your kids play or saw their face lit up?  Do you have a moment when you were so happy with your partner or a friend and nothing else mattered but being exactly where you were?  Or a moment where there was no care in the world besides doing exactly what you were doing?  Do you have a moment where you were having so much fun and play was the only thing on your to-do list?  Do you have a moment where you just wanted to freeze time because it was just that good that you wanted to stay there a little bit longer?  Do you have a moment where your presence was better than any presents? Do you have a moment where you were with your loved ones and you were full of so much love?If you have a moment like one of the above or something similar, than I NEED YOU.  I want to read your short story and consider posting it as a guest author under Pajama Mama Memoirs!
  3. Please submit a photo or photos (no more than 3) to go with your writing.  I’ll post that with the memoir or to Pajama Mama Moments and Pajama Mama’s other social media.
  4. Please include a short bio:Do you have a job you love?  Whether you’re home with kids, work from home, work and the kids are in day care or school – it doesn’t matter – I want to collaborate and learn about you!  Please submiy a short bio to promote yourself (feel free to include a picture of yourself or logo or whatever you think goes with bio).  Lastly, feel free to include links to self promote or promote a business/profession you love if it’s appropriate.

We look forward to hearing from you and thanks!


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